Consider a Subaru Tune Up

We know you love your Subaru, and how could you not? It's there for you when you need it, whether you're headed to work in downtown Pittsburgh or off on vacation in Allegheny National Forest. Wherever you frequent, a regular tune up is a wise decision.

What to Know

The Service Center at Baierl Subaru offers tune ups for your Subaru; that way, your Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy or another beloved model can continue to run smoothly and provide you with a reliable ride.

If your Subaru is experiencing poor gas mileage, rough running, stalling, power loss, knocking or other symptoms, you'll want to enlist the help of our trained technicians. Located along Perry Highway, we have the skills and OEM equipment to fix you right up, whether you're looking at a minor fix or a major repair. Depending on the issue, we may replace spark plugs, clean fuel systems, maintain your engine or even fix sensors.

Keep an eye on the health of your Subaru. When the time comes, the Service Center at Baierl Subaru is here to help.

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