Warm Weather And Low Humidity For Cleaning

Cleaning the engine in your car can often help to prolong its life. You'll be removing the dirt and grease that has collected on the surface each time you drive your vehicle in Pittsburgh. The area under the hood of your car might not be impacted as much as the outside of your car, but dirt can get into the crevices of your engine, especially if your car sits for a long period of time.

The best time to clean your engine is when it's warm outside. Lower humidity also helps as moisture won't collect as easily on the surface while you're cleaning the engine. Make sure it's not raining because water could collect around the engine and on other areas under the hood.

Your engine should be cool when it's cleaned, but letting it run for a few minutes before cleaning it with a damp cloth can help to remove some of the grease. Baierl Subaru often has cloths and cleaning supplies available if you're not sure what to use.



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