Get Ready for Winter Weather with an On-board Survival Kit

When preparing for winter weather, it’s important to cover all the bases by having an emergency kit for your home, your workplace and even your vehicle. Below are a few important components to include in your vehicle’s winter weather preparedness kit.

In addition to the flashlight, water, food, jumper cables and other items that you should regularly be carrying in your car, you should consider adding blankets, winter boots and winter clothing like hats, jackets and gloves to the kit. Sand or kitty litter is also helpful if your car becomes stuck on an icy road, and a shovel can help to remove snow from around your vehicle if you should slide off a snowy highway.

One additional aspect of being prepared for winter is keeping your vehicle in top condition. That’s where the automotive experts at Baierl Subaru come in. We’re standing by to service your vehicle or help you select a new car that’s more suited to the local weather and driving conditions.



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