Winter Driving Tips from Your Friends at Baierl Subaru

Driving in the wintertime requires a bit more preparation than driving in fairer weather. We at Baierl Subaru want you to be informed about how to safely travel during the winter. While many people know the basics, like not driving when you feel fatigued, remembering to pack an emergency kit is not as commonly known.

Our team is happy to share our recommendations with you on items to include in your emergency kit. There are many auto specific items you should carry with you when venturing out in winter weather. First and foremost, always have the tools you would need to clear your vehicle of ice and snow. These would include an ice scraper, a snow shovel and a broom. For handling emergencies where you might get stuck in the snow, carry some type of abrasive material, such as cat litter or sand.

Other items you should include would be blankets to keep you warm, as well as food and water when you are taking longer trips or traveling in more desolate areas. Also, some items that you should carry in any weather include a flashlight, jumper cables, a cell phone with a charger and items you can use to warn other drivers of emergencies. These would include emergency markers and flares. Carrying these items with you during your winter travels can insure a safer, less stressful trip for everyone involved.



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