How To Prevent A Slide On An Icy Road

Winter is now here and because of the slippery conditions many cars will slide out of control, causing some major accidents. There are several things that you could do to prevent sliding on the road. The team here at Baierl Subaru wants to be informed about some of the risks of winter driving and how to correct any issues that may arise.

The first thing you want to avoid is using your brakes. People have a natural inclination to do because this is what their brain wants them to do. Naturally, you essentially want to put a 'stop to the chaos' and will perform any preventable measures. You need to, however, put emotions aside and think about the rules in this article and take the proper precautions.

Another method is to actually turn your wheel into the direction of the slide. For instance, if the rear wheels are sliding to the right then you want to turn your steering wheel to the right.



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