Keep Your Vehicle Shining with Wax

If you drive a car around Pittsburgh, you know that you'll run into all types of things that can make your vehicle look old or dirty. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to freshen up its look, including putting on car wax.

Car wax can either be natural or synthetic, and it usually is a combination of materials so that it can be spreadable. Wax is applied to vehicles to protect it from various elements, like UV rays and water.

Why is waxing a car important? Well, water, dust, grime, and other particles can start to stick to your vehicle over time. They may eventually break down your paint, leaving your vehicle even more exposed to damage. The wax is an extra layer of protective coating to act as a buffer. At Baierl Subaru, we recommend getting a wax a few times a year.



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