When reviewers think of the star of compact crossovers, they think of Subaru Crosstrek. It combines enormous power and crisp handling with tons of interior room and sporty, handsome exterior details. It also has the latest in safety and infotainment, such as the following two features.

Starlink Multimedia

Not to be outdone by anyone, Subaru Crosstrek boasts Starlink Multimedia, a comprehensive infotainment system supporting both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Starlinnk's 8-inch touchscreen interface (situated in-dash) makes accessing content and apps a cinch. It also pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, making your devices equally accessible -- hands-free.

Blind Spot Detection

?Crosstrek can sense vehicles in your blind spot as you cruise through Pittsburgh or on the highway. The system issues a visual indicator warning in each side mirror, giving you time and opportunity to more carefully switch lanes. Test drive the Subaru Crosstrek at our dealership today, and see why this compact crossover is all the rage.


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