New Fast Track Car Buying from Baierl Subaru

Fast Track is a NEW super fast and easy toolkit that magically sends your info and desires to BAIERL Subaru ahead of time.

Trade-in value. Your precalculated finance or lease payments.  Credit. The works.

You'll save hours of time. And get a great deal.  And your new car will be ready to go as soon as you get here.

Five tools in one toolkit. It's like the Swiss Army Knife of car shopping.
Everything you need and nothing you don't.

One of the tools is really special. It gives you all the different payment options if you lease or finance your new Subaru. Do-it-yourself and figure out the monthly plan that's best for you.

You may have seen some of these tools before,
but never all in one place.

The ToolThe ExplanationThe Showroom Time Saved

 Value A TradeFind the value of your trade-in vehicle before stepping foot - or tire - on our lot. You can include those funds in your personalized payment30 minutes
or the time it takes to commute to work

Personalize PaymentsWant to add a little more to your down payment to bring down the monthly payment? No worries, you're in control.
We've all got preferences and budgets.

Works with purchases or leases - new or used.
50 minutes
or the time it takes to commute to work --
with traffic!

Prequalify for CreditNot sure about your credit score?
Take these quick steps to do a "soft-pull" and get an idea of where you're at.
Skip this step if your comfortable with your credit.
30 minutes
or the time it takes to cook dinner

Apply for CreditSafely, quickly and securely submit a credit application. Once completed (and your application is processed) one of our experienced Subaru Outfitters will call you to review your options. 90 minutes
or late afternoon nap on a Saturday

Select Protection PlansSee what protection plans are available before you hit the showroom - save time by inspecting the importance of these plans before your visit. Not all products are ideal for everyone, so see what makes since in protecting your investment!15 minutes
or just enough time for a celebratory
dance-party honoring your new Subaru

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